80s Bibliography

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Last updated: May 2003

Although I am no longer buying old Rolling Stones, I'd still like RS 400, "A Dog Took my Place" and RS 318, Ralph's Steadman's article about gonzo filmmaking. If you have one of these lying around, let me know and maybe we can trade.

RS 318, 10/10/77, The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat

I would love to see this one - Ralph Steadman wrote what it was like making Where the Buffalo Roam. Some of it appeared in Gonzo: The Art

RS 400, A Dog Took My Place

HST covers the Roxanne Pulitzer divorce trial. Wicked insights into the lifestyles of the rich and perverted. Reprinted in Songs of the Doomed and Twenty Years of Rolling Stone.

*RS 429, The Sequins were Michael's Idea

A short passage from FLLV and a coloured photo of HST and Oscar. Bizarre, it wasn't even FLLV's anniversary or anything.

*RS 447, 5/9/85, The Fall of Saigon

HST's Vietnam writings are finally published ten years after he went to Saigon. Reprinted in Songs of the Doomed.

*RS 512, 10/10/87, PJ O'Rourke Interviews Hunter S. Thompson

This was the first time that PJ interviewed HST, and for RS's 20th anniversary. In it, HST makes his famous comment about George Bush being buggered by horny elk on acid.