RS Covers - The 2000s

Page added July 2005
Last updated: July 2005

There was almost no work done for Rolling Stone between 2000 and 2005. HST devoted a great deal of time writing his "Hey Rube" column for ESPN instead.

HST wrote in RS 961 and RS 970 was devoted to him.


I really like this portrait of John Kerry. He conveys honesty, sincerity and kindness better than most politicians do :-) HST took GWB to task in the scathing "Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004" and heartily endorses Kerry. Illustrated by Ralph Steadman. This article can be read online


I had to go to a few places before I could find this issue. I was worried that I had missed it because all I could find was the Bob Marley cover. It seems to me that it's getting harder and harder to find Rolling Stone at various newsstands around town. HST friends, relatives and fellow writers pay tribute to HST. Many photographs and Steadman illustrations. A few of the tributes can also be read on the Rolling Stone website.