90s Bibliography

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Last updated: May 2003

I pretty much have all of HST's work in the nineties, except for a couple of ones about his trial. I am no longer actively collecting gonzo stuff.

*RS 581, 6/28/90, The Trial of Hunter S. Thompson (by Mike Sager)

Sager writes about how HST found himself in trouble, the possible charges he faced and the upcoming publication of Songs of the Doomed. With a caricature of HST by Ralph Steadman. This was the issue that introduced me to HST.

*RS 590, Victory and Vegeance

Songs of the Doomed excerpt.

RS 605, 10/5/91, The Taming of the Shrew

HST trashes the Nancy Reagan biography by trash queen Kitty Kelly (hmm, does "what goes around comes around" ring any bells?)

*RS 622, 1/22/92, Fear and Loathing in Elko

Probably the best article written by HST in the nineties, Elko is a long, sad and hilarious doomed ride. HST helps a fellow motorist along a rainy stretch of Nevada highway - and lo and behold, that hitchiker happens to be Judge Clarence Thomas. Many bloody and disgusting pictures by Ralph Steadman. You can now read the full text.

*RS 639, Bill Clinton

Jann Wenner, William Greider, PJ O'Rourke and HST rode into Arkansas, hoping to find what makes Bill Clinton tick. Many interesting viewpoints are raised, and HST seems to hit the nail on the head in his characterization of Bill.

*RS 697, Polo is My Life

After many years of waiting, this 1994 glimpse into the book which HST described as his final statement is somewhat head scratching. Oh well. At least it had lots of Ralphies. If you need more of a sneak peek, click here.

*RS 782, Bill Clinton

This short article (about, hmm, less than half a RS page) was quite funny. HST wrote that Clinton would be remembered as the president who legalized sodomy, and that Al Gore's seeming woodiness would be a problem with voters.

*RS 812, "Hey Rube! I Love You!"

A love letter, a childhood memory, and HST's favourite music.

*RS xxx, Behind the Scenes Issue

This thick mag contains photographs of actors, writers and rock stars as well as short commentary. There are two pix of HST in here, one from 1976 and one from 1998 with Johnny Depp.