The Battle of Aspen

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Last updated: May 2003

These scans are four of about 8 pictures that appeared in HST's first story for Rolling Stone (and reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt).

Story Cover (56KB)

What Aspen looked like 30+ years ago.

HST (23KB)

This scan picked up the age of the paper, while the others did not. Notice that the picture credit is to "Raoul Duke".

HST and Joe Edwards (47KB)

Joe Edwards is a long time friend of HST's. The caption reads "Thompson and Joe Edwards pondering a sculpture for which the latter had just traded away his motorcycle." This picture was taken sometime before HST shaved his head and either before or after Joe grew a huge beard (see below).

Ned Vare, Michael Solheim and Joe Edwards (50KB)

Ned Vare ran for commissioner on the Freak Power Ticket. He lost to the winner, Dr. J. Baxter, by less than 300 votes. Michael Solheim later became involved in real estate, but remains one of HST's oldest Aspen friends. He was the character of "Yail Bloor" in the magazine article, "The Great Shark Hunt".