RS Covers - 1972 Campaign

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When Rolling Stone announced that they would be sending HST to cover the 1972 presidential campaign, many people laughed. HST himself was worried that he would never get a press pass, even though several friends assured him that the men in Washington would think that he was either a fascist or did not know what RS was at all.

HST moved to Washington DC, along with his family and Dobermans, discovering that he could easily latch on to the Democratic candidates, which were much more accessible than Richard Nixon. Timothy Crouse was appointed "leg man" - in other words, to keep an eye on HST. However, against Jann's wishes, HST encouraged Crouse to write, and often their articles appeared side by side in RS. Crouse's notes would later become the best-selling book, The Boys on the Bus which reappears each election time as a cautious reminder to the press, even though many of the ideas and dreams he had for a more democratic press have failed to materialize thirty or so years later.

F&L in Washington



RS 107

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RS 110, RS 111, RS 115 and RS 118, (those covers and interior by Ralph Steadman)

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