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FLLV is by far HST's key work. It and other works have been translated into Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Finnish, Dutch, Hungarian and a few others. This just goes to show how far the feeling of cultural anomie is, and what a universal writer HST and his ideals are.

The titles make me laugh: Paura E Disgusto A Las Vegas and Angst Und Schrecken in Las Vegas. Obviously not too much was lost in the translation :-) Actually, I also have no idea what the cover illustration is supposed to be on the German one. I'm assuming it's a desert, but what is that blue thing in the foreground looks like a robot? (If you think this is weird, I have a collection of Mark Twain stories and The Andromeda Strain in German. I still haven't figured out those covers.)

New on this page is this cover:


Monica writes:

"I'm sending you a scan of the first cover of the Italian FLLV translation. Note that the title is different (Paranoia a Las Vegas). It was published in April 1978 by Arcana Editrice. The cover is by Jost Jakob.

These two Dutch covers belong to Frans L.. I like the one on the right the best - notice the one on the left is pink.

Pink Dutch cover    Cool Dutch cover