Two Trade FLLV Paperbacks

Page added 1997
Last updated: Fall 2005

Blue Warner FLLV

This blue cover is the 1983 Warner version and is identical in text to this other cover found in a used bookstore for $4 and is from about 1981. I also paid $4 for the blue one. Original hardcovers of HST's classic cult tome now fetch $500-$5000US (I'm not kidding). The movie has now put old Doc up there with the literary giants. One can pay $5000 for a copy of Dicken's Edwin Drood. Original Rolling Stone versions from 1971 also fetch about $125-300US, and unfolded sheets do exist. I bought my RS 95 and 96 for about $27US back in 1997 each however. Check out the About the Author section from these printings.

trade FLLV PBK 1981