HST was a very prolific author and the late 1990s saw the release of many articles that hadn't seen the light of day in some time, such as the fabled The Rum Diary.

You can find HST's books easily on ABE, Alibris and eBay, as well as used book stores. Usually there's always a couple of copies of his stuff kicking around.

This is mostly a placeholder page, but I expect the FLLV section is the first one I'll add back.

Hell's Angels

HST's breakthrough book. Regardless of how true the ending is, from cover to cover, it's one heck of a read.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Immortalized forever by Terry Gilliam in a movie, this is probably HST's most well-known work.

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

This tome has been hailed as the most accurate account of the ill-fated 1972 presidential election.

The Gonzo Papers

Spanning four volumes, each one is mostly a collection of assorted writings from HST, beginning with The Great Shark Hunt and ending with Better Than Sex.

The Curse of Lono

This is probably the most beloved of all gonzo books by gonzo fans. It's HST's south-seas adventure with Ralph Steadman in tow.

The Fear and Loathing Letters

HST's hefty volumes of letters; projected third volume is coming in fall 2006.

The Rum Diary

Although some felt it was better left unpublished, The Rum Diary shows HST's writing outside of a "gonzo" world. Production of The Rum Diary movie may just happen :-)

Kingdom of Fear

Rolling Stone Articles

Lumped into this section is HST's work for Rolling Stone. Some of it was collected into anthologies. This section includes a large bibliography of all the issues.


A nice collection of works that included HST.

Lit Crit

Just some profiles of a few volumes that HST has been studied in.

Other / Unpublished Works

Here's where all the miscellaneous stuff goes - Screwjack, obituaries, Where the Buffalo Roam, Polo Is My Life.