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The Kurt Vonnegut Department

NOTICE to members of the Vonnegut Granfalloon who also surf on the Web: There is a news group at alt.books.kurt-vonnegut, in case you haven't found it already. Kurt doesn't participate. :-(

Limited Edition Self-Portrait Silkscreens
Created and Signed by Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut's first-time artistic use of the silkscreen process: His personal, quintessential self-portrait profile drawing.

A Limited Edition work of art created and signed by Kurt Vonnegut, specially-prepared to assist Midway College (Kentucky), in their fund-raiser for a new Library building. Vonnegut created three self-portrait images on acetate masters during the summer of 1993. Silkscreen impressions were individually hand-pulled by Lexington, KY, artist Joe Petro III, on fine artist's papers. The finished sheets were signed by Vonnegut with characteristic bold flourish, including his famous "asterisk." All silkscreens in this suite are suitable for framing, & appropriate as gift items.

Shipping in mailing tube, add 15.00

389. VONNEGUT SELF-PORTRAIT No.1. Limited, numbered edition of 235 impressions, signed in pencil by Kurt Vonnegut. Silkscreen executed in four colors: Red, blue, two shades of gray. On Rives paper with deckled edges.

30" H x 22" W. net 600.00

390. VONNEGUT SELF-PORTRAIT No.2. Limited, numbered edition of 100 impressions, signed in pencil by Kurt Vonnegut. Silkscreen executed in three colors: Red, two shades of gray. On Lenox paper with hand-torn edges.

28" H x 22" W. net 450.00

391. VONNEGUT SELF-PORTRAIT No.3. Limited, numbered edition of 100 impressions, signed in pencil by Kurt Vonnegut. Silkscreen executed in two colors: Red and gray. On Lenox paper with hand-torn edges.

18" H x 12-1/2" W. net 300.00

--- "SPHINCTER" ---

392. Sphincter. Vonnegut's famous asshole "asterisk," from his signature, a stunning silkscreen image signed by Vonnegut. KV's asterisk first appeared in Breakfast Of Champions, later in Palm Sunday.

* Twelve (12) impressions executed in black ink on gray 100% cotton Folio artists' paper, side edges deckled, numbered 1-12.

* Twelve (12) impressions executed in black ink on white 100% cotton Arches artists' paper, side edges deckled, numbered 1-12.

Asterisk image, approx. 13" x 13", boldly executed & centered. Silkscreened date & signature by Vonnegut: "AUGUST 10 1993".

All impressions were hand-pulled at the studio of Lexington, KY, artist Joe Petro III, and embossed with Vonnegut's asterisk and Petro's signature chop mark. Each print 30" high x 22" wide. net 485.00 Shipping in sturdy cardboard tube, and handling, add: 15.00

NOTE: Kurt retained six of each for his own use; quantity available for sale very limited.

393. "ASTERISK." Deluxe set of ten prints, each signed by KV. One of ten numbered sets in deluxe cloth portfolio box. 6,500.00

394. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Player Piano. NY, Holt, 1966. Re-edition, 4,000 copies only: Scarce. AA4. Fine in near fine dust jacket. Signed. 375.00 SOLD

395. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Mother Night. London, Cape, 1968. 1st Brit. ed. Fine in near fine dust jacket. AD6. Signed. 300.00

396. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Breakfast of Champions. NY, Delacorte, 1973. 1st ed. Near fine in like dust jacket. 55.00 SOLD

Large rear panel B&W author photo by Jill Krementz.

397. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Sun Moon Star. L, Hutchinson, 1980. 1st Brit ed. Fine in like dust jacket. 125.00 SOLD

Same as U.S. edition, and published in same year. Vonnegut's well-known juvenile book, with wonderful oversize B&W photo (by Jill Krementz) of KV and Chermayeff at rear dust jacket panel. Given this book's dimensions (12-1/4" high, yet only 1/2" thick), it's quite uncommon to find Sun Moon Star in nice condition any more. Difficult to find a copy.

398. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Palm Sunday; An Autobiographical Collage. London, Cape, 1981. 1st Brit. ed. Fine in like dust jacket. 125.00

Same as U.S. edition, but much more difficult to come across.

399. [VONNEGUT]. KREMENTZ, Jill, editor. Happy Birthday, Kurt Vonnegut. NY, Delacorte, 1982. 1st ed. 8vo. 164p. Published as a limited edition of 500 numbered, but unsigned, copies, none for sale. Red buckram binding, all edges gilt, title in gilt at spine, red ribbon page marker, in a matching slipcase bearing Vonnegut's famous bold "asterisk" signature in gilt. Illustrated with B&W photographs, some by Jill Krementz, of KV and his friends and family. This is no.384 of 500 copies. A fine copy in like slipcase. 1,000.00

A Festschrift compiled by Jill Krementz to honor Kurt Vonnegut on the occasion of his 60th birthday, November 11, 1982, and distributed privately to guests and friends. Tributes (mostly humorous) from 84 of his friends, including Marsha Mason, Kevin McCarthy, Ray Elliott, Bob Goulding, John Updike, Tom Wicker, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, E. L. Doctorow, etc., plus pieces by Senator Birch Bayh (Indiana) and Vonnegut's family.

A surprise birthday party, arranged by Krementz for 112 guests, was held at Michael's Pub in New York, where Updike was master of ceremonies. Laid in is a photocopy of the original guest list and seating arrangements for the party. This Festschrift does not appear in the 1987 author bibliography, and is, by its very nature, one of the most elusive, and highly desirable, of Vonnegut ephemera. See my article on Vonnegut in the October 1992 issue of FIRSTS magazine.

400. _____ . Another copy. Spine and slipcase sunned, else fine. From the estate of Seymour Lawrence, publisher of Delacorte. 1,250.00 SOLD

401. [VONNEGUT]. Evergreen Review. no.98 (1984). NY, Grove Press, 1984. whole issue: [160]p. Review copy. Fine in wraps. 25.00

First issue of Evergreen Review published in more than ten years. L. Ferlinghetti, S. Beckett, Kathy Acker., M. McClure. Special feature: Terry Southern, "Trib to Von," pp.153-158. Humorous homage to Kurt Vonnegut, originally intended for publication in the limited edition (500cc/none for sale) Festschrift published on the occasion of KV's 60th birthday (November 11, 1982): Happy Birthday Kurt Vonnegut (Delacorte, 1982). Suppressed by Delacorte due to the salacious nature of the material, and published here by Grove Press for the first time. Color cover: Larry Rivers.

402. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Galapagos. NY, Delacorte, 1985. 1st ed. Fine in like dust jacket. 65.00

403. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Bluebeard. NY, Delacorte, 1987. 1st ed. Fine in like dust jacket. 55.00

Abstract Expressionists and the mystery of the Long Island potato barn. Dust jacket with B&W author photo by Jill Krementz.

404. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Hocus Pocus. London, Cape, 1990. 1st Brit. ed. Fine in like dust jacket. 55.00

One of the more colorful and interesting dust jacket designs for a Vonnegut book.

405. VONNEGUT, Kurt. Fates Worse Than Death: An Autobiographical Collage of the 1980s. NY, Putnam, 1991. 1st ed. Uncorrected Proof. Fine in red printed wraps. 95.00

Author's fourth collection of nonfiction. KV: "A collection of essays and speeches by me, with breezy autobiographical commentary serving as connective tissue and splints and bandages."

406. WALLACE, David Foster. Girl With Curious Hair. NY, Norton, 1989. 1st ed. Very fine in like dust jacket. Scarce. 85.00

Author's second book, a collection of short fiction following his novel, Broom of the System. Blurb by T. C. Boyle.

407. WALLACE, David Foster. Infinite Jest. Boston, Little, Brown, 1996. 1st ed. Advance Reading Copy. A huge book, just shy of 1,100 pages. Fine in wrappers (1/1,000 copies), signed by Wallace. 175.00

Set in a drug-and-alcohol addicts' halfway house and a tennis academy, it snowballs farce, drug abuse, heartbreak, advertising, tennis, philosophy, math, slapstick humor, and profound drama in a story that is never less than edge-of-your-seat compelling.

408. WILLIAMS, Jonathan. Who is Little Enis? Highlands, Jargon, 1974. 1st ed. 500 copies, signed by JW. Broadside poem, 25-1/2" H x 9-3/4" W, folded into three sections. Fine. 125.00

Homage to Carlos "Little Enis" Toadvine, rockabilly guitar singer from Lexington, Kentucky. The opening lines read "Little Enis is one hunnert an' 80 lbs of dynamite with a 9-inch fuse." The card is laid out as a diagram of a penis nine inches long (actually 25"), with a photo on blue background (by Guy Mendes) of Enis and his old Cadillac at top, the poem beneath. Published as Jargon 8 on Williams' 45th birthday.

409. WOLFE, Bernard. The Late Risers; Their Masquerade. NY, Random House, 1954. 1st ed. Near fine in like dust jacket with minor edge wear. 65.00

Concerns "the inhabitants of Insomnia Alley, better known as Times Square, where people are crowded a little closer together and breathe a little faster than in other parts of New York City." Fascinating novel by the co-author of Really the Blues (with Mezz Mezzrow). Dust jacket design of special interest.

410. WOLFE, Tom. The Pump House Gang. NY, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1968. 1st ed. Very fine in near fine dj (price-clip ) 75.00

Author's third book of New Journalism, illus. with his B&W sketches.

411. WOLFE, Tom. Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine. NY, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1976. 1st ed. Fine in very good dust jacket. 45.00

TW short pieces from 1970s. Numerous B&W drawings by the author.

412. WOLFE, Tom. From Bauhaus to Our House. NY, FSG, 1981. 1st ed. Fine in a near fine dust jacket. 45.00

413. ____ . NY, Pocket Books, 1982. 1st pbk. ed. Near fine in wraps. 20.00

414. WOLFE, Tom. The Bonfire of the Vanities. NY, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1987. Fine in like dust jacket. 50.00

The author's first novel, a 1980s Yuppie thriller set in New York City.

Jack Womack

Jack Womack was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1956. He started writing in the ninth grade, undergoing several false starts until finally succeeding with his first published book, Ambient (1987). Early in 1994, he was named co-winner of the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award for best American science fiction paperback book of the year, Elvissey (1993). He has inhabited the Island of Manhattan since 1979.

The first five books of Womack's (long "o" at first syllable) Dryco sextology have been published. Dryco, a monolithic U.S. multinational corporation owned by the Thatcher Dryden dynasty, controls major sectors of the global economy as well as the government and military. Throughout, Womack's dystopian sequence reveals a bizarre parable of America run amok, A Clockwork Orange set largely in a maniacally violent, decaying New York City of the twenty-first century. The reader encounters a subculture of biologically-deformed humans (Ambients), the messianic Church of Elvis, time travel to the 1939 New York World's Fair, fetal art (!), and the ubiquitous presence of Womackspeak: "Bookstore me!"

His linguistobatics require an occasional look-see in an unabridged dictionary (check, for example, "formicating") or a peek into Eric Partridge's slang dictionaries. He acknowledges Charles Fort and Shirley Jackson as important influences, among others. Many of his readers, publishers, and critics do not realize (saints preserve us!) that Jack Womack is not a science fiction writer! Cyberpunk author William Gibson blurb: "If you dropped the characters from Neuromancer into Womack's Manhattan, they'd fall down screaming and have nervous breakdowns." A formidable talent.

415. [WOMACK, JACK]. Dinsmore, John, comp. Jack Womack; Bibliographic Checklists. Lexington, KY, Blue 'n Green Press, 1994. 1st ed. Eight desktop-published pages, printed on gatefold folio sheets. Drawing by Joe Petro III. As new, postpaid. 5.50

These bibliographic checklists focus on Jack Womack's books, articles by and about his works, and selected book reviews. Entries for the U.S. and British first editions include detailed descriptions. The first five books of the Dryco sextology have been published in both the U.S. and England, some in German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

416. WOMACK, Jack. Ambient. NY, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987. 1st ed. Correct first edition of the author's first book. Fine in like dust jacket, this copy signed by the author. 95.00

At dust jacket cover: "AN AMERICAN CLOCKWORK ORANGE". Linguistic devices include futuristic slang, Victorian English, Jamaican Rasta, Spanglish, corporate executive bizspeak, militarese jargon.

417. WOMACK, Jack. Ambient. L, Unwin Hyman, 1989. 1st Brit.ed. Fine in like dust jacket, signed. 125.00 Womack's first book. Black boards lettered silver at spine. Inane color dust jacket cover illustration by Peter Andrew Jones of a helmeted superwoman garbed in leather/mesh/steel, wielding double-headed chain mace. Scarce.

418. WOMACK, Jack. Terraplane.NY, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988. 1st ed. Author's second book. Fine in like dust jacket, signed by the author. Correct first edition. Very scarce. 125.00

419. WOMACK, Jack. Terraplane. London, Unwin Hyman, 1989. 1st Brit. ed. Fine in like dust jacket, this copy signed by the author. Preceded by U.S. ed. Scarce. 95.00

420. WOMACK, Jack. Heathern. London, Unwin Hyman, 1990. 1st ed. Uncorrected Proof. Very fine in light blue printed wraps, signed by the author; accompanied by the original dust jacket, slightly rumpled at spine extrems, with color dust jacket cover illustration by noted British sequential artist, Dave McKean. 335.00 Correct first edition of the author's third book ("HEE thurn").

421. WOMACK, Jack. Heathern. London, Unwin Hyman, 1990. 1st ed. First printing: 1,500 copies. Fine in like dust jacket, signed . Scarce indeed. 125.00

422. WOMACK, Jack. Heathern. NY, Tom Doherty Associates, 1990. 1st U.S.ed. Uncorrected Proof. Fine in printed wraps, signed. 250.00

423. WOMACK, Jack. Heathern. NY, Tom Doherty Associates, 1990. 1st U.S. ed. Fine in like dust jacket, signed. 95.00

424. WOMACK, Jack. Elvissey. NY, TOR, 1993. 1st ed. Paperback original. Correct first edition of the author's fourth book. Fine in original wraps with color cover illustration of postage stamps depicting Elvis Presley, this copy signed by the author. 65.00

NOTE: Co-winner of the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award for best American original science fiction paperback book of 1993.

425. _____ . As new, unsigned. 35.00

426. WOMACK, Jack. Elvissey. Norwalk, CT, Easton Press, 1993. Deluxe signed collectors' edition. Full oxblood red leather, gilt-stamped. All edges gilt. Fabric placemark ribbon bound in. Color frontispiece illustration of youthful Elvis Presley. The author's first signed edition. As new in boards w/o dj, as issued. 225.00

Printed for subscribers to the Easton Press series, "The Signed First Editions of Science Fiction." Pub. simultaneously with TOR edition.

427. WOMACK, Jack. Elvissey. London, Harper Collins, 1993. 1st Brit. ed. As new in like dust jacket with color cover illustration by David Scutt of "floating" ghostly image of a youthful Elvis Presley (head only) against surreal New York cityscape. Signed. 75.00

At rear panel, great B&W photo of author gazing through an antique stereoscope, and blurb by William Gibson.

428. WOMACK, Jack. Random Acts of Senseless Violence. NY, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1994. 1st U.S. ed. As new in like dust jacket, this copy signed. 65.00

One of five entries, Publishers Weekly "Best of '94" list, sci. fiction.

429. WOMACK. Random Acts of Senseless Violence. NY, Atlantic Monthly, 1994. 1st U.S. ed. Uncorrected Proof. Fine in illustrated glossy wraps, and signed. 95.00

Fifth book in the author's projected sextology. Henry Rollins' 213CD label produced a gripping 4-CD narration of this stunning novel, a 12-year-old New York City girl's diary of sex, violence and dismay, which is no longer for sale.

Copy of the 4-CD set: 50.00

430. [WOMACK, JACK]. Wershler-Henry, Darren S. "Turbulent Ironies; (Writing on [Womack Writing) on Womack Writing]." IN: Virus 23. no.$ (1992). Red Deer, Alberta. As new in wraps. 25.00

Intro plus fascinating interview by a young Canadian literary scholar. Great background piece, in boffo but no-longer-published Canadian cyberpunk zine. First published article about Womack. B&W photo.

Architecture & Art

431. [ARCHITECTURE]. JENCKS, Charles. Architecture Today. NY, Abrams, 1982. 4to. 359p. 550 illus. (184 color). As new in like dust jacket. 75.00 SOLD

432. [ARCHITECTURE]. JENCKS, Charles. The Language of Post-Modern Architecture. NY, Rizzoli, 1984. 4th ed., rev. & enl. 4to. 168p. illus. (part color). Near fine in wraps. 35.00 SOLD

432. [ARCHITECTURE]. JENCKS, Charles. Post-Modernism: New Classicism in Art & Architecture. NY, Rizzoli, 1987. 1st ed. 4to. 360p. 350 illus. (300+ color). As new in dust jacket. 65.00 SOLD

433. [ARCHITECTURE]. JOHNSON, Philip, & John Burgee. Architecture 1979-1985. NY, Rizzoli, 1985. 1st ed. 4to. 192p. 200 illus. (100 color). Fine in near fine dust jacket. 55.00

434. [ARCHITECTURE-NEW YORK]. SUARES, Jean-Claude. Manhattan. NY, Abrams, 1981. 1st ed. Folio. 210 illustrations, all full color. As new in like dust jacket. 65.00

435. [ART-BACON]. Francis Bacon; oeuvres récentes. Paris, Galerie Claude Bernard, 1977. 4to. Exhibition catalogue.Very fine in stiff wrappers, gatefolded to display a Bacon triptych. 45.00

436. [ART-CHRISTO]. Christo: Surrounded Islands; Biscayne Bay Greater Miami Florida 1980--83. NY, Abrams, 1985. 1st U.S. ed. Square 8vo. 162p. Fine in wraps. 50.00

Magnificent album of photographs (many color), narrative, and bibliog. concerning a large Christo environmental art project. Aerial photography is spectacular, and background info is detailed.

437. [ART-FINSTER]. TURNER, J. F. Howard Finster Man of Visions. NY, Knopf, 1989. 1st ed. 242p. 203 illus. (125 full color). As new in pictorial dust jacket. 65.00 SOLD

438. [ART-FREILICHER]. DOTY, Robert, ed. Jane Freilicher: Paintings. NY, Taplinger, 1986. 1st ed. 4to. 122p. Quarter bound buckram on linen. Full-page color plates. Monograph accompanying 1986-1987 exhibition. As new in color pictorial dust jacket. 55.00 SOLD

Accompanied by the November 1989 issue of Current Biography,with B&W cover photo of the artist plus her biographical entry. Fine/wraps.

439. [ART-GROOMS]. RATLIFF, Carter. Red Grooms. NY, Abbeville, 1984. 1st ed. sq.4to. 252p. 300 illus. (over 150 in color). Collector's Edition in dust jacket and illustrated slipcase with die-cut at front panel. Signed in red by Grooms on tipped-in label. As new in DJ and slip. 250.00 SOLD

440. [ART-HAPPENINGS]. SANDFORD, Mariellen R., ed. Happenings and Other Acts. London, Routledge, 1995. 1st pbk.ed. 397p. Advance Review Copy. Very fine in quality wraps. 55.00 SOLD

Performance texts, articles, interviews, etc., by / about Allen Kaprow, John Cage, Claes Oldenburg, Anna Halprin, George Maciunas, Michael Kirby, LaMonte Young, Jackson Mac Low. Loaded with stunning B&W photos. A wonderful study of something that's still . . . happening!

441. [ART]. JOHANNSEN, Brad. Occupied Spaces. NY, Harmony Books, 1977. 4to. Softbound. 1st ed.

Excepional collection of boldly psychedelic metaphysical drawings, opulently printed in many colors. Texts by Rimbaud, Joni Mitchell, Lewis Thomas, et al . Near fine. Recommended. 85.00 SOLD

442. [ART-KATZ]. MARSHALL, Richard. Alex Katz. NY, Whitney Museum/Rizzoli,1986. 4to. 157p. bibliog. illus. (94 full color plates). Essay by Robert Rosenblum. Fine in pictorial wrappers. 35.00

443. [ART-MAGRITTE]. CALVOCORESSI, Richard. Magritte. Oxford, Phaidon Press, 1984. 1st rev. & enl. ed. 4to. 91 illus. (51 full color). bibliog. chronol. Fine in stiff pictorial wrappers. 35.00

444. [ART-MOTHERWELL]. O'HARA, Frank. Robert Motherwell; With Selections from the Artist's Writings. NY, Museum of Modern Art, 1965. 1st ed. 96p. 4,480cc. illus. (part color). bibliog. chronol. Exhibition catalogue. Near fine in very good dust jacket with B&W photo of Motherwell's studio at front panel. 60.00

445. [ART-MUSEUMS]. MEYER, Karl E. The Art Museum. NY, Morrow, 1979. 1st ed. 352p. illus. B&W photos. Fine copy (owner signature) in very good dust jacket. 30.00

446. [ART-MOMA]. Alfred H. Barr, Jr.; Memorial Tribute. NY, MOMA, 1982. Small 4to. [36]p. illus. Near fine in wraps. 30.00

447. [ART-NAKIAN]. O'HARA, Frank. Nakian. NY, Museum of Modern Art, 1966. 1st ed. 56p. Biographical outline of sculptor Reuben Nakian by Bill Berkson. Near fine in dust jacket with large B&W photo of Nakian sculpture at front panel. 65.00

448. [ART-NAKIAN]. O'HARA, Frank. Nakian. NY, Museum of Modern Art, 1966. 1st pap. ed. Fine in wraps (corner bump). 35.00

449. [ART-NEW YORK]. The New American Painting. NY, MOMA, 1959. 1st ed. Small 4to. 96p. illus. (part color). Exhibition organized by the International Program of MOMA, an important venue for the New York School artists. Very good (+) in wraps. 55.00

450. [ART-NEW YORK]. MULAS, Ugo. New York; The New Art Scene. NY, Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1967. 1st ed. folio. [345]p. 500+ B&W photosgraphs by Mulas. Text by Alan Solomon. Fine in near fine, price-clipped dust jacket. Very scarce, especially this condition. 450.00 SOLD

Simply put, one of the more stunning books on American art in the Twentieth Century. Includes chapters on Marcel Duchamp, Barnett Newman, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Larry Poons, Kenneth Noland, John Chamberlain, Jim Dine, Frank Stella, Lee Bontecou, George Segal, Jim Rosenquist, Tom Wesselman, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Claes Oldenburg. If you haven't seen this book, appreciation of the 60s is difficult. Karpel F-1322 and J-140.

451. [ART-O'HARA]. O'HARA, Frank. Art Chronicles 1954-66. NY, Braziller, 1975. 1st ed. 165p. B&W illus. Fine in near fine dust jacket with B&W photo of FOH by Kenward Elmslie. 95.00

452. [ART-POLLOCK]. O'HARA, Frank. Jackson Pollock. NY, Braziller, 1959. 1st ed. 125p. bibliog. illus. (part color). The Great American Artists Series. Near fine in like dust jacket. 65.00 The first book-length monograph on Pollock.

453. [ART-POLLOCK]. O'HARA, Frank. Jackson Pollock. NY, Braziller, 1959. 1st pap. ed. 125p. Near fine in wraps. 35.00

454. [ART-POLLOCK]. O'HARA, Frank. Jackson Pollock. São Paulo, Belo Horizente, Editora Itatiaia, 1960. 1st Brazilian ed. 129p. transl. into Portuguese. Wraps with color Pollock painting are somewhat soiled/stained, else very good. Internals near fine. 35.00

Based on exhibition shown at IV Bienal, São Paulo, 1957.

455. [ART-POP]. RUBLOWSKY, John. Pop Art. NY, Basic Books, 1965. 1st ed. 4to. [212]p. Photography by Ken Heyman. Slight foxing to blanched almond, high quality cloth covers with mustard yellow embossed hot dog at front, mustard yellow endpapers, else fine in an amazingly clean white dust jacket with Roy Lichtenstein "Hot Dog" at front panel, two brief tears, price-clipped, else near fine. 185.00

One of the earliest books on Pop Art, either side of the Atlantic. Overview plus chapters on Lichtenstein, Oldenburg, Rosenquist, Warhol, Wesselman. Profusely illustrated with wonderful full color and B&W plates: Pop Art, artists, studios, galleries, etc., in the early 1960s. Quintessential romp from the seminal days, and scarce.

456. [ART-POP]. RUSSELL, John, and Suzi Gablik. Pop Art Redefined. NY, Praeger, 1969.1st U.S. pbk. ed. 240p. 192 plates (17 color). Index of artists/works. Near fine in illustrated wraps. 35.00

At time of publication, this book was the most complete, most authoritative, and most fully illustrated survey of Pop Art yet published. A comprehensive guide to the Arts Council of Great Britain's exhibition of Anglo-American Pop Art held in London, 1969. Includes a collection of 37 of the classic texts about Pop Art, many previously published in sources difficult to acquire. Larry Rivers contributions: "Letter to David Hockney," pp.77-79, and another statement, pp.103-104.

Other contributors: Lawrence Alloway, Jim Dine, Kenneth Koch, Robt. Rauschenberg, Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol, etc. Lists 164 works.

457. [ART-RIVERS]. Rivers, Lawrence [pseud.]. "The Heroin Addicts." In: Neurotica, no.7 (Autumn 1950), pp.41-46. Near fine in somewhat soiled wraps. 65.00

Short fiction piece dealing with drug addiction. Edited by Jay Landesman, published in New York. Other pieces by Gershon Legman, Anatole Broyard, et al.

A Pair of Framed Pieces by Larry Rivers

458. [ART-RIVERS]. Exhibition announcement designed by :Larry Rivers. Los Angeles, Dwan Gallery, Feb.6-Mar.4, [1963]. Light cardstock, single sheet 11-3/8" x 8-5/8" printed one side, incorporating B&W photo of the artist at work, juxtaposed against colored collage lettering with exhibition dates. Very bold brush-stroke facsimile signature at top of image, small facsimile signature on B&W photo. Verso: "in cooperation with tibor de nagy gallery, n.y.c." Horizontal fold at center for mailing. Fine and very scarce. 150.00

This copy specially matted, mounted, glazed and framed in varnished light wood frame, 18/1/4" high by 15-1/2" wide by 1-1/4" thick.

459. [ART-RIVERS]. Larry Rivers; Works With Paper. Exhibition announcement designed by Rivers.

NY, Marlborough Galleries, [1977]. Color xerox copy of collage, 8-1/8" high by 14" wide, two vertical folds. Lettering by Rivers, plus images of artists' tools (brush, pencils, eraser, stapler, stylus, scissors), for exhibition held Jan.8 - Feb.5, 1977. This copy specially signed by Rivers, and specially matted, mounted, glazed and framed in varnished light wood frame, 14/1/4" high by 20-1/2" wide by 1-1/4" thick. 500.00.

460. [ART-RIVERS]. Brandeis University, Rose Art Museum. Larry Rivers. Waltham, MA, Poses Inst. of Fine Arts, Brandeis University, 1965. 1st paperback ed. 4to. 92p. bibliography. chronology. illus. (part color plates).

This copy inscribed and signed by Rivers. Fine copy in pictorial wrappers/acetate jacket, one of 3,500 paperback copies (438 cloth copies). Essay by Frank O'Hara. 585.00

Exhibition catalogue of 154 items. Introduction by Sam Hunter, who compiled the major monograph on Rivers (Abrams, 1969). Scarce.

461. _____ . Another copy, unsigned.

Owner signature inked out at second leaf, else near fine in pictorial wrappers. 100.00

462. [ART-RIVERS]. KARSHAN, Donald. "American Printmaking." In: Art in America, vol.56, no.4 (July-August 1968), pp.22-56. 4to. Whole issue: 128p. Includes an original, full-page color lithograph by Larry Rivers bound in: "A Hut Can Be A Hairdo" (1968). Near fine copy in original illustrated wraps. 50.00

463. [ART-RIVERS]. HUNTER, Sam. Larry Rivers. NY, Abrams, 1969. 1st ed. 261p. bibliog. chronology. illus.(part color). Memoir by FOH. Near fine copy in near fine illustrated dust jacket. 650.00

The major monograph on Rivers. Member of New York's avant-garde in 1950s and 1960s, considered to be a major precursor of American Pop Art. At p.17, indicates that Jane Freilicher first introduced LR to modern art and first encouraged LR to paint, summer 1945. LR set up modest NY studio and began to paint, during the day, and played jazz sax at night with Jack Freilicher, Jane's husband.

464. [ART-RIVERS]. Larry Rivers, 1965-1970. NY, Marlborough Gallery, 1970. 4to. 44p. bibliog. chronology. VG+

Catalogue [no. 281] of a 1970-1971 exhibition. List of Rivers collections and exhibitions, pp.8-11. B&W photo of painting, "In Memory of the Dead," at p.26, includes image of Frank O'Hara. Nine color plates tipped in. Clear acetate cover (short tear). Very good (+). 35.00

465. [ART-RIVERS]. HUNTER, Sam. Rivers. NY, Abrams, 1972. oblong 8vo. 102p. bibliog. [Modern Artists series]. Fine copy in like dust jacket. 75.00

466. [ART-RIVERS]. Larry Rivers. Philadelphia, Olympia Galleries, 1975. 37p. 21 B&W illus. Near fine in pictorial wraps. 25.00

Exhibition of paintings, drawings and constructions from 1951 through 1974. Brief notes by Harold Rosenberg and Frank DuVal, describing Rivers' work in the mid-1960s as in the avant-garde of Pop Art, and his relation to Abstract Expressionist painters and other Pop artists. Slick stiff B&W paper wraps showing Cedar Bar Menu II (1961) at front and Cedar Bar Menu I (1960) at rear.

467. [ART-RIVERS]. RIVERS, Larry, with Carol Brightman. Drawings and Digressions. NY, Clarkson N. Potter, 1979. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies signed by Rivers. 4to. 264p. Linen boards with the artist's bold signature gilt-stamped at cover. Rice endpapers. 285 duotone illustrations & photographs, 70 full color. Intro. by John Ashbery. Chronology. As new without dust jacket, as issued. 465.00

468. [ART-RIVERS]. HUNTER, Sam. Larry Rivers. NY, Rizzoli, 1989. 4to. 358p. 400 illus. (155 color). biog. list of one-man exhibitions. As new copy in like dust jacket. 100.00

Illustrated (front and rear) with his oil painting, "Back to Back I," (1986), which appears as plate 109 (p.164) herein.

469. [ART-RIVERS]. Larry Rivers: Public and Private. Youngstown, OH, Butler Institute of American Art, 1990. 1st ed. 4to. 68p. wraps. Exhibition catalogue. 33 color illus. 28 B&W illus. Very fine in wraps. 50.00 Essay by Sam Hunter. Intro. by Louis A. Zona, director of Butler Institute & long-time friend of Sam Hunter. Includes biographical chronology and list of one-man exhibitions.

Included with above:

REMER, Abby. Larry Rivers: Public and Private; Educational Guide. NY, American Federation of Arts, 1990. 1st ed. 4to. 32p. wraps. illus. B&W photos. index. glossary. selected bibliog. media resources. Very fine. Self-guiding texts to the exhibition organized by the Butler Institute of American Art. Striking contemporary B&W cover photo of Rivers in formal apparel.

470. [ART-RIVERS]. "Peter Jenkins Meets Larry Rivers." In: Modern Painters; A Quarterly Journal of the Fine Arts. London, vol.4, no.2 (Autumn 1991). 4to. Whole issue: 114p.

Special American issue. Color cover: Dutch Masters, 1964. As new in glossy wraps. 25.00 Rivers article, pp.60-63, with color/B&W photos. Sections on Pop Art & art in New York.

471. [ART-RIVERS]. RIVERS, Larry, & Arnold Weinstein. What Did I Do? The Unauthorized Autobiography of Larry Rivers. NY, Harper Collins /Aaron Asher, 1992. 1st ed. 16 pages of color photos; numerous B&W photos. Limited edition of 125 copies numbered and signed. As new in pictorial slipcase designed by Rivers. Scarce. 250.00

Audacious autobiography by the New York artist. Written with the assistance of his long-time friend, litterateur Arnold Weinstein, uncovers multiple layers of social and artistic interaction in the New York art scene from the 1940s through the 1960s.

472. [ART-RIVERS]. RIVERS, Larry, & Arnold Weinstein. What Did I Do? NY, Harper Collins/Aaron Asher, 1992. 1st ed. 498p. Uncorrected Proof. As new in printed gold wraps, publisher's materials laid in. This copy signed by the artist. 200.00

473. _____ . UP. As new in printed gold wraps, unsigned. 125.00

474. _____ . Advance Review Copy, publisher's materials laid in. As new in dust jacket, and signed by the artist. 150.00

475. _____ . Trade edition. As new in dust jacket, signed. 95.00

476. [ART-SALLE]. KARDON, Janet. David Salle. Phil., Univ. of Penn., Inst. of Contemp. Art, 1986. 4to. 1st ed. 96p. 43 color plates, B&W photos. Fine in stiff illustrated wrappers. 35.00

477. [ART-SPANISH]. 24. O'HARA, Frank. New Spanish Painting and Sculpture. NY, Museum of Modern Art, 1960. 1st ed. 53, [10]p. Near fine in wraps. 45.00

478. [ART-STEINBERG]. STEINBERG, Saul. The Art of Living. NY, Harper & Bros., 1949. 1st ed. 4to. Very good (+) in a color-illustrated dust jacket with edge wear and a few short tears. Uncommon. 125.00

One of the New Yorker artist's earliest books, with some 300 of his superbly funny & weird B&W cartoons, about 2/3 of which are published in this volume for the first time. Born in Rumania in 1914.

479. [ART-STEINBERG]. Saul Steinberg. NY, Whitney Museum of American Art/Knopf, 1978. 1st ed. square 4to. Text by Harold Rosenberg. 256p. Fine in like dust jacket (trivial label residue at front panel). His surname signature blindstamped on cover of book. 95.00

Major monograph on Steinberg. 274 illustrations / 64 pages in full color. A truly stunning art volume.

479a. [ART-STEINBERG]. STEINBERG, Saul. The Discovery of America. NY, Knopf, 1992. 1st ed. oblong 4to. intro. Arthur C. Danto. As new in like dust jacket. 65.00.

480. [ART]. TOMKINS, Calvin. The Scene; Reports on Post-Modern Art. NY, Viking Press, 1976. 1st ed. 272p. B&W illustrations. Near fine in like dust jacket. 65.00

Fascinating view of the post-Abstract Impressionist art scene of New York during the 1970s. Video (Paik), film (Mekas), earth artists (Christo, Smithson, etc.), fine print-making (Tatyana Grosman), etc.

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