Gonzo Fans

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by Christine O.

God bless gonzo fans :-) A surprising number of people like to dress up as HST - it's a very simple costume to put together - LL Bean hat, loud 70s or Hawaiian shirt, a cigarette holder, and aviators. Many people want to know where they can get a patched jacket like HST's - as far as I know, it's an LL Bean jacket. Just visit a thrift store for cheap retro fashions. In fact, in the movie Never Been Kissed, two people show up at a party dressed as Duke and the attorney. Still haven't seen this film, but a lot of people wrote in to mention it.

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Photo added Apr-18-04


Max writes: "I am just a humble student from Germany and I am a fan of gonzo but especially of Hunter S. Thompson. I attached a photo of me taken at a so called Faschingsparty. Here in Germany, the six days of Fasching (pronounced fushing) are a very important event of the year. It‹s about wearing costumes, having sex, doing drugs and rock‹n‹roll. With the goal in mind to drink as much as you can and to take as much drugs as you can, what‹s nearer than wearing a Duke costume doing these things?"