Just a placeholder page for the picture section! Fan art will be returning in April and May.

Back in the day there were many fan art pictures here - they'll be back. I'm still noodling with a PHP image gallery.

If you are seeking publicity photos of HST, check out Getty Images Editorial or Corbis.

This list does not include covers of books by HST. "Other" book covers are listed below. Rolling Stone covers have their own section.


Fan Art

Send fan art to pics@gonzo.org along with a brief note about yourself or the picture. Please make sure that the work you are submitting is your own. Submitters retain all rights to their work.

Peacocks and Owls

Old Site Artwork

I found a bunch of old pictures and screencaps, which I'm putting together here.


Uncle Duke Covers

Don't we all love Uncle Duke? He is by far one of the most popular Doonesbury characters, and graced his share of covers. Listed in chronological order. Used bookstores are full of Doonesbury books, and you can usally buy the older ones for $5 or so. Check out eBay or Alibris. I own the four oldest ones listed, and they are in surprisingly good shape.