Old Site Artwork

Page added May 2006

It's amazing how old the Internet makes you feel. Back in 1996, I used to cobble pictures together with MS Paint, until my soul was saved by the purchase of CorelDraw7 (which I still use). It's somewhat embarrassing to think how neat fills and rainbow swirls were at the time! Now it just looks cheap :-)

This used to be the main page graphic around 1997-1998 when I was still in Geocities. I used some text program to make the words and deleted the inner colour. Then I had to fiddle with the colours in LViewPro and put the whole thing together in MS Paint. Man, I had too much time on my hands back then!


When J.L. Flatley offered me webhosting under the "tekknowledge.com" domain, I was pretty happy and made new graphics. Ah, the day I learned how to do dropshadows was a great day indeed :-)

The Pictures Picture

I had to dig this screencap out of the Wayback Machine. The homepage looked like this for several years and the interior pages went under many makeovers (as I'm sure you will all remember :-)). By 2000, both the free hosts who graciously gave me space and bandwidth had to withdraw (due to assorted reasons). I went with paid hosting with CADVision where my husband worked. Then they were bought by Telus and I got a free year of hosting because they screwed over the old customer base.

Did you know that before I registered gonzo.org, it was someone else's website? That's why there's no pages for 1999. I don't know anything about the prevous owner.

The Pictures Picture

That's it for now! If I dig up any more pics, I'll add them later.