Russell Chatham

Page added Dec-9-99
Last updated January, 2003

Russell Chatham is another artist friend of HST. You can view his website at and find lots of biographical info as well. You can also buy lithographs from them.

I was surprised to learn that a paperback copy of a 1984 book, Russell Chatham existed. Though it's not the "deluxe" edition, which costs upwards of $260Cdn.

Chatham gets several mentions in gonzo lore. A hilarious fake obituary and a letter to him from HST appears in Songs of the Doomed and there's a photograph of him in Hunter by E. Jean Carroll. There's also some commentary by him in that book.

After browsing his site and even finding some prints for sale on ebay, I can definitely say this is art that I like. His pictures have a dreamy, misty quality to them.