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2000 - 2005

  • Personal events are in purple
  • Gonzo literary events are in amber-orange

December 2000 - HST begins writing a Page 2 column called "Hey Rube!" for ESPN.

July 2000 - HST accidentally shoots his long time secretary, Deborach Fuller. No charges are laid and Deborah recovers :-)

November 2000 - The long awaited second volume of The Fear and Loathing Letters is released to the delight of gonzo fans - it is called Fear and Loathing in America.

Winter 2001 - Rum Diary movie news whirls around like so many snowflakes. The fun starts when HST writes a pissed off fax by HST that is critical of how the movie production is being handled.

January 2001 - HST is interviewed by George magazine

May 2001 - After a mention in one of HST's ESPN columns, people begin to notice the sad story of Lisl Auman gains more press.

Summer 2001 - HST takes a break from "Hey Rube" to work on the film, The Year That Trembled.

November 10, 2001 - Ken Kesey passes away.

2002 - The dingbats (as HST so lovingly calls them ;-)) at Simon and Schuster announce plans for a new HST book, Kingdom of Fear. The publication date is pushed from November 2002 to winter of 2003.

2003 - Kingdom of Fear is published, HST makes several media appearances.

May 1, 2003 - HST weds Anita Bejmuk.

September 25, 2003 - George Plimpton passes away.

Fall 2003 - Film maker Wayne Ewing takes his film on the festival circuit.

Summer 2004 - Hey Rube is to be published in book form.

February 20, 2005 - HST dies as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

August 20, 2005 - HST's ashes are blasted from a specially created cannon in a private memorial.

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