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1980 - Universal Pictures releases Where the Buffalo Roam starring Bill Murray and Peter Boyle. It's a bomb, although gonzo fans love it.

Spring/Summer 1980 - Divorce proceedings begin. HST and Sandy's seperation becomes long, nasty and money-motivated. Laila Nabulsi is his current girlfriend.

December 1980 - HST and Ralph Steadman visit Hawaii to write and illustrate the Honolulu Marathon for Running magazine. It later becomes The Curse of Lono.

Spring 1982 - Friend John Belushi dies.

Winter/Spring 1983 - HST whoops it up in Palm Beach covering the Roxanne Pulitzer divorce trial for Rolling Stone.

Fall 1983 - RS sends HST to cover the US invasion of Grenada; aside from driving around with V.S. Naipul, no story is written.

December 1983 - The Curse of Lono is finally published by Ballantine. HST goes on a lecture tour to promote the book.

1984 - HST falls in love with a "Porno Queen" (Carroll).

1985 - The Mitchell Brothers release "The Crazy Never Die", a half-hour film about HST and his writing, art and lifestyle as well as two lecture stops. Maria Kahn is his current girlfriend.

April 1985 - HST becomes "Media Critic" for the SF Examiner.

August, 1985 - Floyd Watkins buys property in Woody Creek.

1987 - Annie Leibovitz photographs HST for the twentieth anniversary Rolling Stone. PJ O'Rourke does the interview. This is followed by Twenty Years of Rolling Stone.

July, 1987 - HST is fined for shooting a golf ball at the Aspen Municipal Golf Course.

Fall 1988 - Generation of Swine is published.

Fall 1988 - Generation of Swine is published in a paperback Vintage edition that contains four extra columns and has a slightly different cover photo. The last of the Examiner columns appear in 1989.

1989 - According to When the Going Gets Weird, HST disgusts his younger brother Jim by snorting cocaine openly in front of hotel staff. The book states that this is the last time they met, although Hunter suggests that it was not.

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