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Puritan Interview

Page added some time 1998
Last updated February 2006

The cover picture seems to have gone AWOL off my hard drive :-D

I suppose I could have blacked out what was on the cover, but then, you'd have to have a very small imagination not to guess what was under the black box. At least that's how I felt when I was a kid and I know TGTH readers are very smart, especially those young whippersnappers out there. So just don't write nasty letters, cuz I told you so!

Puritan is not the kind of magazine that you'd easily find at any newsstand, and as Fat City News writer Uncle Dave Swint observed, you'd have to hunt it down at your local sex shop. Well fortunately I didn't have to go that far, though I was worried about the magazine coming through the mail, however. Jeff wrapped it good though, and the mint magazine, priced $18.95, but which he bought for only $5 is certainly one for any gonzo fan's collection. The interview with HST took place about three years ago and it's quite good. Actually, the HST interview are the only pages in this magazine that, uh, well, don't have consenting adults on them :-) The interviewer was Phoebe Legere, who also appeared with HST at a FLLV party. She wrote a nice memorial for him. The interview was online at some point, but the link seems to have gone bad.

Fear and Loathing at Owl Farm

LEGERE: (reading from Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's obituary for Dr. Timothy Leary) "He is forgotten now, but not gone."

HST: That is blood on paper. I figured Tim would like that - it was written with that in mind.

(Thompson takes a phone call. The interviewer asks Thompson's house guest about the early letters that Thompson is currently editing)

GUEST: There's a clean and heartfelt sense in those letters of, "I'm either going to be a writer or I am literally going to starve to death." Many times he had to choose between liquor and food and he never chose food.

(Thompson pulls out an enormous gun)

GUEST: How long is that barrel? Is that an eight inch barrel?

HST: Eight and three quarters.

GUEST: (Nervous) That's powerful.. Uh...I...

HST: It can knock the fingernail off that thumb there.

LEGERE: What kind of gun do you use for your paintings?

HST: Gruuughhhhhh

GUEST: There's no safety on it!

LEGERE: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

HST: (Brandishing the gun) Ya never know.

LEGERE: Do you have to take a sniff? What is the name of your blow-up doll?

HST: You mean this sex doll? There's eight of them.

LEGERE: Are they all blonde?

HST: Certainly not.

LEGERE: Are they all under your thumb?

HST: Thumb? Well no, there's...um...well.

LEGERE: You're very good in bed. Did your dolls teach you to have sex? How did you learn your way around the female genitalia?

HST: I know nothing of the female genitalia. It's a totally foreign subject to me.

LEGERE: How can a woman compete with a plastic doll whose mouth is always open? Dolly is really nice. I must say, even I am a little attracted to dolly.

HST: Well, that's what dolly was made for - people who just don't get it right (Thompson laughs)