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Page added Jul-19-99

Megan writes: "What Chinese zodiac sign is HST? He sounds to me like a monkey but I could be wrong."

Well Megan, you are, but don't worry. To be a monkey, HST would have had to been born in February 1932 to January 1933. However, it's not hard to see why - he does seem like the Collins Gem guide description of a monkey:

  • Typical monkey occupations include foreign correspondent, writer and journalist
  • Monkeys like nightclubs, challenges, games of chance, travel and playing practical jokes
  • They dislike routine, established religions, doing without money and compromising their independence
  • A male monkey breaks rules, likes to gamble, can lie cheerfully and has a sharp sense of humor

Since we know HST was born either in July 1937 or 1939, that would make him either a Cancer-Ox or a Cancer-Rabbit. Here are some comparisons:

Trait Ox Rabbit
Yin/Yang Yin Yin
Element Water Wood
+ Element traits: -understanding
-sociable, extroverted
-resourceful, practical
- Element traits: -stressed, nervous
-bad-tempered, impatient
-violent, angry
Occupations insurance broker, soldier, teacher, philosopher, judge, doctor chemist, receptionist, historian, politician, accountant, diplomat

Oxen are said to be stalwart, trusting, obstinate, strong yet gentle - however, they can also get gloomy and dull. The male Ox can be difficult to understand, lazy and likely a chauvinist. They keep doubts to themselves and have a strong family life. Oxen are said to live in rural areas and enjoy luxurious, but practical, surroundings. Oxen can appear unromantic but are very loyal and demand the same from their partner. Someone born in 1937 or 1997 produces a Fire-Water Ox. These Oxen are impatient and lack the typical Ox approach to life. They are said to lack tact and diplomacy, and appear proud and arrogant while they are really honest and kind. Cancer-Ox are supposed to be careful with money and are overly sensitive. They also have a hard time filling their goals.

Rabbits are a different story. They are associated with longevity and the moon. At their best, Rabbits are friendly, diplomatic people. At their worst, you wouldn't want to know one. They are gossipy, indecisive, egotistical, cruel and unpredictable. Rabbit people like to be in control. Rabbits make goods hosts and hostesses and have clean, well-organized homes. The male rabbit likes to dress flamboyantly and is generally very faithful, but not a family-minded person. Rabbits like their privacy as well, but they generally do not take risks and can't stand criticism. Rabbits are also wary of commitment. A person born in 1939 or 1999 produces a Wood-Earth Rabbit. This Rabbit is pragmatic, decisive and humble. Cancer-Rabbits are described as nice people who make good friends.

Hm....well, I don't know how well either of these describe HST. Somehow, I gotta agree with Megan that he sounds definitely more like a monkey. But that's the thing with astrology - sometimes it's too broad to apply to a single person. But, it's fun to play around with. If anyone cares to know, I'm a Libra-Snake.