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July 18 Birthday Profile

For some time I've been wanting to put up an astrological profile or something to that effect. I could have written an interesting Chinese animal profile, but no one is sure when HST was born. Then this cool book came through the library (where I no longer work) detailing the power of your birthday (mine's Oct. 4, "The Day of the Incorrigibles"). Unfortunately, I could only xerox a few dates as the book was on hold (and there's like 24 holds in all throughout the system).

Note: I fubared the title of the book all these years. It's either The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers or The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers by Saffie Crawford. Both books are in excess of 800 pages, so I would have to see the books again to know which one --Christine O

The book is called The Secret Power of Birthdays. Happily, HST was listed among the famous people born on July 18. Read what I have paraphrased and see how many points fit HST. :-)

July 18 is "The Day of Conviction". People born on this day so clearly reflect the views of their group that they may find themselves spokespersons for those whose opinions they not only share but also come to shape. Social considerations are often in the forefront here, and whether those born on this day are actively political or not, they usually have a well-defined set of priorities and ethics that anchor their purpose in the world.

July 18 people have extreme receptivity to change and often have the power to make change. They make ideal candidates to represent anything from small groups such as families, clubs or local societies, to larger ones like political organizations or government. Sometimes they become actual living symbols of the group they represent. As such, they have the potential to become very powerful figures, as long as they keep the bond with their family or constituents. If they should be cut off, they may suffer great anxiety, go through a crisis and be forced to re-examine their values.

They are generally forceful individuals. If they had the freedom, adventurousness or the inclination to step away from their group affiliations they would perhaps benefit from it, but given their nature, perhaps this is a moot point. Freedom of thought, action and choice are always circumscribed to some extent by the ethics of the group to which they belong and usually they make a contribution to express their creativity within such a framework. When the values or objectives of their group come into conflict with the laws of society which they consider unjust, those born on this day do not hesitate to attack the status quo aggressively or defend their group against domination or suppression. In this they are tireless and courageous.

The private lives of July 18 people may suffer terribly from their work. They must realize that if they do not spend enough time with their family, an unhappy relationship can result. While they are adept at social interaction, they can be emotionally immature. They may become quite dependent on the attention and affection they demand from those close to them, and extremely vulnerable and fearful if they are threatened with losing it. This may be further complicated if they do not wish to put enough of themselves to satisfy their loved ones. Those born on July 18 must learn to be as strong in their private lives as they are in their public life, and this cannot be done on a part-time basis.

Famous July 18 People

Nelson Mandela, Peace Pilgrim (wanderer), John Glenn, Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russian poet), Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Clifford Odets (playwright), Hume Cronyn, William Makepeace Thackery, Richard Branson (Virgin Records), Dick Button, Tenley Albright, William Gilbert Grace (19th c. British cricketeer), Red Skelton and Harriet Nelson.


July 18 is ruled by the planet Mars and the number 9 (1+8) has significant meaning in their lives. 9 is a most mysterious number, for example:

9x5=45 (4+5=9)
3x6=18 (3+6=9, 1+8=9)
2x9=18 (1+8=9)

The astrological sign is Cancer; Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so July 18 people have a unique Moon-Mars combination, so they must be aware of emotional outbursts and a tendency to quarrel. These people have a tendency to swing from passive to aggressive.


The 18th card of the Major Arcana is The Moon, which primarily represents the world of dreams, emotions and the unconscious. Positive traits include sensitivity, empathy and emotional unerstanding. Negative ones are emotional malleability, passivity and lack of ego. There is a little picture of the card, a moon over a canyon with wolves howling at it.


July 18 people have to deal with intense emotions and anger, as such feelings can have adverse effects on their health if they go unchecked. One danger is that out of fear and a desire to appear rational, they will focus their mental powers in order to push their feelings deep down inside them. An over-abundance of either conscious control or uncontrolled emotion is harmful and therapy is suggested to help them find a healthy balance. Because of their great need for a happy home situation, emphasis on domestic comfort and sensuality as well as a wide variety of tasty food choices are particularly recommeneded. Moderate daily excercise should not be overlooked either.


Don't lose yourself in your work. Get to know your emotions well and allow them easy expression. You are not always the center of every situation. Try to be emotionally honest in personal relationships. Don't be afraid of rejection.


"We speak of the individual and the Universe. But within the individual there is a universe as well."