Over the years, the fun section has changed. Back in 1997, when Java applets were all the rage, there were a few here. PhotoShopping was not the hobby it is now either :-) There's lots of jokes, fan-submitted wallpaper, a few shocked files and trivia.

If you have a joke, picture of yourself as HST, or a nifty snapshot of your gonzo tattoo, send it to fun@gonzo.org and I will try to post it as soon as I can.


Banners have changed a lot since 1996, and I plan on updating this section with some buttons and whatnot when I get around to it.

Gonzo Fans

Ever since FLLV came out, plenty of people have enjoyed dressing up as Duke and Gonzo for Halloween. Check 'em out.

Gonzo Tattoos

Gonzo fans love their tattoos, and they even love sending them in even more. Take a peek.



Some of these jokes show their age a little; you may want to check out Rec.Humor.Funny for more topical ones :-)


Shocked Files

Sound Clips



I have to find the rest of the files, but enjoy what wallpaper I was able to find.