Lit Crit

Page added: April 1999
Last updated: Winter 2005

Like anthologies, lit crit books are fun to read, especially if you like similar authors to HST. They're also invaluable for homework and serious research - using one of these books for a paper will always look better than something found on a website (ha, did I just type that?). I realized that having criticism about HST for my collection was just as important as having the actual books or biographies. They reflect additional research and comparisons made by the author about HST's works and the times the books were written in.

If you are interested in these books (or any other for that matter) you can usually scare up a few copies on ABE or Alibris or in your local library. Don't forget to also check out the erstwhile Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) books in the reference section of your library too.

I believe I have Fact and Fiction somewhere*, I remember buying it, but apparently didn't make a page for it until now.

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* Sadly most of my books are packed in totes from my last move three years ago. Someday I'll have that floor to ceiling library :-)