The Scum Also Rises

"The Scum Also Rises" which appeared in RS 171, was HST's belated effort to write about Nixon abandoning office. Nonetheless, Ralph's drawings where there to capture the moment. I particularly like this set of drawings. Whenever Ralph draws Nixon, the shape of his head reminds me of a horse or phallic object. I'm not sure which.

UNTITLED - Intro picture - 47KB

This is the picture I mean the most - Nixon looks like a horse galloping for the finish line, his forelock flattened against his neck. Either that or I have watched The Black Stallion* too many times.

UNTITLED - Wet Nixon - 60KB

This is a rather rare colour picture by Ralph Steadman, since most of Rolling Stone ones were in black and white. Rather self-explanatory, I'm sure the symbolism was not lost on most.

UNTITLED - Little Nixon - 13KB

A shrunken Nixon sits by himself. It looks to me as if he has been depicted as a small burrowing animal or something.

* I probably have, actually.