Black Paperback

Page added: 1998
Last updated: Fall 2005

I finally snagged one of these for myself (used bookstore, natch) but it got lost about two moves ago :-P

original campaign trail cover

This is a very well worn copy of the original Trail. The cover design looks as if it is again by Tom Benton. It is very hard to find a hardcover in good condition, and if you have one, mint or very good condition, check Alibris or ABE before parting with it.

There are yet other covers out there, described as such: "White dust jacket has cover drawing by Clara Scremini of stylized U.S. flag in shape of a swastika, with large screw boring into flag, image of Richard Nixon's face at head of screw." while the other is "with Richard Nixon talking to microphones on frontpage and farting into them on back cover. It's drawn by Ralph Steadman."

Caption at the top reads: "The best stuff on the campaign I've read anywhere." - Nicholas von Hoffman and the caption on the bottom reads: "by the author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "illustrations by Ralph Steadman".